The Vengeful Ghoul is a common enemy found in Mystery Forest. It is a floating blue skull with long, flowing blonde hair. It wears a pair of sunglasses.


In Battle




  • "PHILLIP drank a protein shake and became MUSCLED! VENGEFUL GHOUL says 'Terror'." [Inflicts Muscled on Phillip]
  • PHILLIP dealt a sudden blow! VENGEFUL GHOUL said 'despair'." [Removes 50HP from Vengeful Ghoul]
  • "VENGEFUL GHOUL says 'Hatred.' PHILLIP got SPOOKED!" [Inflicts Spooked on Phillip]
  • PHILLIP did the Mashed Potato! 'Mashed Potato start a long time ago.' VENGEFUL GHOUL became DISTRACTED and forgot to say something cryptic!" [Inflicts Distract on Vengeful Ghoul]
  • "PHILLIP gives a puppy dog look! VENGEFUL GHOUL's vengefulness is dissolved by our universal human connection! VENGEFUL GHOUL disintegrates in agony!" [Vengeful Ghoul Dies]
  • "PHILLIP made a chicken noise! VENGEFUL GHOUL said 'Doom.'"
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