just a space funeral fan.

Stuff I Want to Do

Pretty much everything NamelessRumia wanted to do. I'll just copy and paste the stuff they said here (plus crossing stuff I've done off:

  • Create "Template:Infobox enemy" with the new markup.
    • Change all instances of "Template:Infobox" to "Template:Infobox_enemy".
    • Create a infobox template for locations.
    • Create a infobox template for protagonists.
  • Resolve naming conflicts.
    • "Space Funeral" or "Space Funeral (game)" and "Land of Space Funeral". I guess it doesn't matter?
    • Unnamed Northern Wastes and "Northern Wastes". Wizard Grum says they're the "Wastelands", idk.
    • "Moon (antagonist)" or "Moon (enemy)" and "Moon (location)".
    • "Space Funeral 3", "Earth Birth", "Space Funeral: The Legend of Earth Birth", "Space Funeral: Legend of Earth Birth", "The Legend of Earth Birth", or "Legend of Earth Birth". Resolved?
      • "Earth Birth" or "Earth Birth (game)" and "Land of Earth Birth". Doesn't matter.
  • Write all the pages and locations for the original Space Funeral game.
    • Then, do the same for its sequels.
    • Figure out conflicting versions of certain areas in the Land of Space Funeral.
  • Attempt to write pages for the fan games in development.
  • Attempt to write an "Items" page. Delete "Healing Items" because it'll be merged with "Items".
    • Are individual pages for items needed or should a "catch all" work.
  • Rewrite the protagonist pages.
  • Put a music page somewhere?
  • Create maps for the locations or some kind of bad "Walkthrough" page.
  • Reinstall RPG Maker 2003, Space Funeral, and its fan games again.
  • Create pages for SF4 and else eventually.
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