Swamptrogg is the first boss in Space Funeral and can initially be found sleeping in the Bone Tunnels of the Bone Swamp. They take on the appearance of a colorful dragon.

Main Story

Upon entering the Bone Tunnels, Phillip encounters three swamp knights who warn him about Swamptrogg. When Phillip first meets the Swamptrogg, he believes that Phillip is another swamp knight and tells him that it's rude to disturb other people while they're napping before promptly attacking him.


In Battle




  • "PHILLIP makes an earnest appeal to family values! SWAMPTROGG becomes MORAL and takes a vow of pacifism!" [Inflicts Moral on Swamptrogg]
  • "SWAMPTROGG bursts into flame! PHILLIP doesn't know what's going on!" [Inflicts Burn on Swamptrogg]
  • "SWAMPTROGG reminisces about his lost youth! PHILLIP stifles a yawn!" [Nothing Happens]
  • "PHILLIP suddenly becomes MUSCLED! SWAMPTROGG wears a poker face!" [Inflicts Muscled on Phillip]
  • "PHILLIP takes a surprise swing! SWAMPTROGG takes damage and goes BERSERK!" [Removes 30HP from Swamptrogg and Inflicts Berserk on Swamptrogg]
  • "PHILLIP suddenly learned the MYSTERY PUNCH skill! SWAMPTROGG suddenly remembers a dentist appointment!" [Phillip Learns Mystery Punch]
  • "PHILLIP started to dance! SWAMPTROGG started to dance! PHILLIP and the SWAMPTROGG both feel self-conscious and stop!" [Nothing Happens]
  • "SWAMPTROGG shows his long, long teeth! PHILLIP becomes SPOOKED!" [Inflicts Spooked on Phillip]
  • "SWAMPTROGG gets a CRAMP for 30 DAMAGE! PHILLIP is cautiously sympathetic!" [Removes 30HP from Swamptrogg]
  • "PHILLIP and the SWAMPTROGG both have a brief scuffle! PHILLIP takes damage! SWAMPTROGG comes off the worse for wear!" [Removes 15HP from Phillip and Removes 42HP from Swamptrogg]
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