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"A fresh steak."

Can be sold to Susan Lion in Lion Village for varying amounts of Rubles. They can't be used in battle, and serve no purpose other than to be sold. Steaks can be found in the Steak Farm, which takes 50 Rubles to enter.

Steak Pricing

Steak Desc. Sells for:
"This steak growls as you approach, and appears surly and reclusive. It is very muscled and dense." 325
"This steak is shy but pleasant. You feel protective towards it. It is quite plump." 200
"This steak seems curious and friendly. He is quite lean." 300
"This steak is weak and sickly. It gives a chesty cough and lies down as you come near." 25
"This steak is elderly and lean. It trembles at your approach." 800
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