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Space Funeral 2, also known as Blood Blood, is a very brief fan-made sequel to Space Funeral by DarkChibiShadow on October 13, 2012. It is regarded as the shortest game in the series. Space Funeral 2 is then followed by Earth Birth.


A new artist has come to the land of Phillip and Leg Horse to create mayhem once again. This artist, referred to as Cancer, was a fan of the antagonist of the first game, Moon. Cancer attempts to recreate Moon's vision but falls short in many areas.


Space Funeral 2 was originally an attempt to decode the original Space Funeral. DarkChibiShadow realized that this was not possible so they began experimenting with RPG Maker 2003, reused the assets from Space Funeral and then created Space Funeral 2 in hopes that the creator of the first Space Funeral, thecatamites, would notice the fangame and agree to be interviewed by them.[1]


A day after Space Funeral 2 was released to the public, DarkChibiShadow got a chance to interview thecatamites who later dubbed the game as canon.[1]


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