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Space Funeral: The Legend of Earth Birth, also known as Earth Birth or Space Funeral 3, is a fanmade sequel to Space Funeral developed by DuckStapler. The game was publicly released on February 18, 2013 and is considered one of the longest games in the series to date.


A satanic ritual summons Phillip and the Leg Horse from their purified land of Space Funeral into the corrupt land of Earth Birth where the evil forces of Science threaten to overtake the good forces of superstition. Dracula tags along with our protagonists halfway through the game.


The creator of the original Space Funeral, thecatamites, spoke directly to DuckStapler and was so blown away by Earth Birth that they dubbed the game as canon.[1] The creator of Space Funeral 2, DarkChibiShadow, had a chance to interview DuckStapler three days after its release.[2]