Ruth White (1925-2013) was an American composer, musician and singer, known for her production of educational recordings and pioneering work in the field of electronic music (mostly using the Moog synthesizer).

Space Funeral

The Space Funeral soundtrack features various songs taken from White's 1969 experimental recordings, 7 Trumps From the Tarot Card and Pinions and Flowers of Evil. The songs are:

  • Evening Harmony (Flowers of Evil): plays during the boat trip to the Blood Cavern, and while using a boat in the moat surrounding Rip-The-Blood's Fortress.
  • Spleen (Flowers of Evil): plays outside the Blood Cavern.
  • The Irremediable (Flowers of Evil): plays in the Blood Cavern, in the rooms where Wizard Grum and the Blood Ghoul can be found.
  • Beginnings (Pinions): plays in the Northern Wastes.
  • Love Gives Wings (Pinions): plays in the City of Forms.

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