Rip-The-Blood is the leader of the Criminals in Malice. His appearance is that of a regular criminal, however he wears an all blue outfit, gold necklace, and a kingly cape and crown. He smokes a cigarette which spells out the words, "KING OF CRIME."

 Main Story

As Phillip and Leg Horse enter the town of Malice, they find themselves unable to continue due to being blocked by criminals. The criminals guard the exit of town, stating that "no-one leaves without RIP-THE-BLOOD's permission!"

The protagonists can gather information on Rip-The-Blood by speaking to various NPCs. One character named Horace tells the party that before, citizens of Malice had to stay alert to "prevent the town being overrun by DREAD MUMMIES," however, since Rip-The-Blood took over, "security has lapsed..." One pig states that Rip-The-Blood has taken over the reservoir for his mining operations. Another pig recounts that Rip-The-Blood enslaves undesirables to work in his mines. Another pig admires his, "MOXIE and SOCIOPATHY." If the party pays an NPC 50 rubles, they will tell the party the password for the bridge to Rip-The-Blood's Fort.

After traversing through the mines, the party encounters the fortress and heads east. They find a lever, which when pulled causes a swarm of mummies to flood the area. These mummies automatically kill the party if touched. If they manage to successfully escape, they hear distant screams from Rip-The-Blood's Fort as it is invaded by mummies. After dodging the dangerous skulls and avoiding mummies, they encounter Rip-The-Blood's lair.

Rip-The-Blood explains that he has spent his whole life searching for the mystical genie Djinn, having spent his funds earned from crime towards said goal. He explains his fortress is the center of his mining operation to uncover Djinn's lamp. Reciting the opening lines of Stagger Lee by Lloy Price, he attacks the party.


In Battle




  • "PHILLIP gives a GHOULISH LAUGH! RIP-THE-BLOOD is not impressed!"
  • "PPHILLIP makes a stern speech about the evils of crime! RIP-THE-BLOOD becomes MORAL!" [Inflicts Moral on Rip-The-Blood]
  • "PHILLIP inexplicably becomes MUSCLED! RIP-THE-BlOOD drags on his cigar!" [Inflicts Muscled on Phillip]
  • "RIP-THE-BLOOD blows cigar smoke into your face! PHILLIP starts to cough!" [Removes 10HP from Phillip]
  • "PHILLIP begins to shake! PHILLIP releases an unearthly groan and falls to the ground! PHILLIP suddenly stares up at RIP-THE-BLOOD! PHILLIP's eyes are glowing with a mysterious inner fire! PHILLIP silently mouths the Japanese word for 'finality'! PHILLIP releases CRUSHING WIND! It's super effective!" [Removes 9999HP from Rip-The-Blood]


His name and appearance are inspired by an enemy of "Stardust the Super Wizard" in a 1940 comic book story by Fletcher Hanks.

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