Moon is the primary antagonist of Space Funeral found inside the City of Forms. She appears to be a red and blue-tinted amalgamation of every single being in Space Funeral.

Main Story

Moon is an artist found in the City of Forms who brought the Great Change to Space Funeral.

When Phillip and Leg Horse encounter her, she explains herself as an artist who seeks perfection in all things. She traveled to the City of Forms for inspiration but was gobstopped due to its perfection. She realized nothing she created could rival the beauty of the city, calling everything else "graceless creatures of slime". After several months comatose she regained her resolve and made the world a mockery of itself so corruption could replace the once perfect world. Before attacking the protagonists Moon says, "Heh. Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven..............motherfuckerrrrrr!".

Once defeated the corrupted world begins returning to the entropy of perfection it once was. Moon wills Leg Horse and Phillip to enjoy their perfect world but suggests another great change will come until Space Funeral becomes a self-perpetuating ceaseless form of chaos.

In Space Funeral 2, Moon's body can be found at the City of Forms with a note on her. The main antagonist of Space Funeral 2 talks about how they as well weren't able to recreate the city's perfection.

In Space Funeral: The Legend of Earth Birth, Moon is mentioned by the Blumberg Wizards of Blumburg Village immediately after Phillip's summoning to Earth Birth.


  • Experience: 600
  • Rubles: 600
  • Item: None

In Battle


  • Thunderous Blow
  • Brain Freeze
  • Slice
  • Muscle
  • Healing Blast
  • Burning Rain


  • None


  • "PHILLIP lands an unexpected punch on MOON! MOON flickers and laughs!" [Removes 40HP from Moon]
  • "PHILLIP bursts into tears! MOON hesitates and has reduced defence!" [Inflicts Sad on Moon]
  • "PHILLIP inexplicably becomes SPEEDY! MOON mutters something under her breath!" [Inflicts Speedy on Phillip]
  • "PHILLIP clenches his body and becomes MUSCLED! MOON snarls!" [Inflicts Muscled on Phillip]
  • "PHILLIP contorts his face into a grimace! MOON laughs but is SPOOKED nonetheless!"
  • "PHILLIP suddenly got 100MP! What was all that about?" [Entire Party Recovers 100MP]
  • "PHILLIP suddenly got a BLOOD RAGE!" [Inflicts Blood Rage on Phillip]
  • "PHILLIP is bathed in a mysterious light which grants a full restore!" [Fully Heals the Entire Party]
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