Malice City Square in Space Funeral.

Malice is one of the largest cities in the land of Space Funeral. It connects the entrance to Blood Cavern, the Dig Site that leads to Rip-The-Blood's Fortress, the Steak Farm, and Mystery Forest. An NPC can bring Phillip to a Pyramid.


Malice City Gates

Malice City Gates is the area leading up to Malice Town Square. In the left house is another house containing a very distressed NPC. In the right house is a businessman who has captured a mummy.

Malice City Square

Malice City Square is the main hub of activity in Malice. Numerous NPCs roam around the area discussing the latest exploits of Rip-The-Blood. Aswell, their are a multitude of criminals wandering around. In the southern part of the town is an NPC who will bring Phillip to a Pyramid.


The Inn is the rightmost house of Malice. In it is an NPC warning the party not to disturb the dead, and a coffin for the party to sleep in.

Post Office

The Post Office is the second house from the right of Malice. It contains a myriad of cryptic letters. One states that if someone loses their form, they should visit Wizard Yorm. Another says to trust no one. One states to not trust the heads. The other letters are just as cryptic.

Shop 1

Shop 1 is the third rightmost house in Malice City Square. It contains two NPCs, Pig A and Pig B. Pig A sells restorative items, and has an inventory as such:

Items Cost
Small Blood 10
Big Blood 70
Bigger Blood 230
Small Nut 19
Large Nut 45
Super Nut 100
Bag of Nuts 100
Big Bag of Nuts 200
Bag of Blood 120
Big Bag of Blood 240
Mild Restorative 15
Heavy Restorative 100
Antidote 5

Pig B sells equipment, and has an inventory as such:

Items Cost
Junkyard Knife 100
Hooked Knife 260
Silver Sword 590
Zorg Cannon 1000
Heavy Boots 110
Steel-Toed Boots 235
Razor Boots 400
Laser Boots 1000
Leather PJs 120
Mail PJs 365
Heavy Jeans 140
Armored Pants 300

Wizard Yorm's House

Wizard Yorm's House is home to Wizard Yorm, the wizard of Malice. It is located to the right of the path leading north to the Dig Site. He advises Phillip to come to him if he ever loses his form. If the party returns here after speaking to Djinn, Phillip will be reverted back to his orginal form.

Crap Store

Outside of the Crap Store is an NPC claiming to be the shopkeeper's brother, who tells the party the store is full of worthless crap. Inside, NPCs refer to the stock as, "COMPLETE GARBAGE", and "WORTHLESS SHIT". The stock of the store is such:

Item Cost
Bible 60
Magic Eye Picture 45
Old Movie 65
Drab Hat 100
Mysterious Ring 45
Focused Hat 100
Weightlifter Hat 200
Feathered Hat 250

Western House

The Western House is the second leftmost house in Malice City Square. In it is an NPC who looks exactly like Phillip. The NPC doesn't say anything when interacted with.

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