Dracula is a supporting protagonist in the Space Funeral series. He is first encountered in the Northern Wastes of Space Funeral, found in his mansion. He is in his piano room, and when interacted with, talks with Phillip about how he drinks blood and smokes weed.

His first appearance as a party member is in Earth Birth, where he is having a party. In his house there are "fat doobies," which heal you greatly if consumed and have a high value in the market. His hobbies include drinking blood and smoking weed.

His special attacks include scrape and lick, where he drinks blood from enemies and regains health. He can also smoke weed and drink blood. He speaks like a stereotypical vampire, saying certain words with "v" at the beginning. such as "vine," instead of "wine."

His weapons are all fancier wine glasses. The fancier the glass, the more damage it will do.

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