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The City of Forms is final location in the land of Space Funeral. Prior to the Great Change, the City of Forms was a perfect city where everything in the land of Space Funeral is derived them. This city can be accessed by taking the boat found at the end of the Northern Wastes.

In Space Funeral, the entrance to the city and the four rooms inside of it contain a myraid of bright colors and scattered graphics. The first room of the city contains a casket where Phillip can take a rest. The second room contains an NPC saying that the water's fine, suggesting that the blue tiles they're standing on was a pool, beside this NPCs are two other NPCs who say "Do your best" and "Do your worst". The third room is a red and yellow room where the sprite of every NPC in the game, prior to visiting the city, can be found. None of these NPCs are able to talk to Phillip. The final room is decorated with yellow, blue, and magenta stripes and also contains the antagonist of Space Funeral, Moon.

Once Moon has been slain, the world of Space Funeral returns back to 'normal' as in using the prepackaged RPG Maker 2003 tilesets and sprites and the screen pans to a bloodied green skull found to the right of the entrance before fading to black and showing the end credits of the game.

In almost every game the city of forms is corrupted,(excluding 3) involving a new artist or group of artists.

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