Cancer is the primary antagonist of Space Funeral 2 and is found in The End. They are a large furred ball with a red streak across their body. They stand on a slender black leg. They have a large eyeball with three red irises.

Main Story

After the events of Space Funeral, Cancer, a fan of Moon's work, attempts to recreate the work of the artist they admire so much.

Cancer is found all throughout Space Funeral 2, singing, dancing, and puking red liquid. They are obsessed with documenting, celebrating, and dissecting all facets of Moon's art. In the opening area of the game, they have built a shrine to Leg Horse, who later joins Phillip. They also recreate areas and NPCs from the original, though very poorly. Cancer also has a strange obssession with milk. It is theorized that they idolized it in hope of replacing Space Funeral's iconic blood with milk to be unique. Multiple Cancers are seen in the Club watching a theatrical recreation of the events of the original game.


Cancer as they appear in the overworld.

When encountered in The End, multiple Cancers are seen panicking and yelling about the state of Moon, and their inability to recreate her work. As they descend further and further into madness, the party encounters one final Cancer, perpetually puking red liquid. They explain they simply can't recreate the perfection of Moon's art, and attack.

Once killed, Cancer simply tells the party to, "keep your milk flowing", and dies.


  • Experience:0
  • Rubles: 0
  • Item: None

In Battle


  • CANCER cries!
  • Give me MILK!


  • None
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