Bombdogs are enemies encountered alongside Criminals, found in Malice. They are brown dogs whose heads have been replaced with a lit bomb. If ignored long enough over the course of a battle, they will explode, causing damage to the entire party.


In Battle




  • "BOMB DOG 2 misfired! CRIMINAL was hurt! BOMB DOG 1 was hurt! PHILLIP was okay with it!" [Remove 40HP from Criminal and Bomb Dog 1, Bomb Dog 2 Dies]
  • "PHILLIP suddenly became MUSCLED! CRIMINAL lifts his sleeve to reveal an anchor tattoo! BOMBDOG 1 barks! BOMBDOG 2 barks!" (Inflicts Muscled on Phillip]
  • "CRIMINAL stole 15 RUBLES from PHILLIP! PHILLIP is shocked! BOMBDOG 1 chases its tail! BOMBDOG 2 barks repeatedly!"
  • "BOMB DOG 1 explodes! BOMB DOG 2 explodes!" [Removes 100HP from Phillip and Criminal, Bomb Dog 1 and 2 Die]
  • PHILLIP sings a pleasant tune! Party regains 45 HP! [Entire Party Recovers 45HP]

  • "BOMB DOG misfired! CRIMINAL 1 was hurt! CRIMINAL 2 was hurt! PHILLIP was okay with it!" [Remove 40HP from Criminal 1 and 2, Bomb Dog Dies]
  • "PHILLIP suddenly became MUSCLED! CRIMINAL 1 rolls some dice! CRIMINAL 2 puffs cigar! BOMBDOG is a bomb!"
  • "CRIMINAL stole 15 RUBLES from PHILLIP! PHILLIP is shocked! CRIMINAL 2 puts the money in his pocket and looks defiant! BOMBDOG 1 chases its tail! BOMBDOG barks!"
  • "CRIMINAL 2 runs away! CRIMINAL 1 scowls! BOMBDOG chases its tail! PHILLIP is nonplussed!" [Criminal 2 Flees]
  • "CRIMINAL 1 dismissively tosses you a RUBLE and tells you to keep the change kid! CRIMINAL 2 laughs unpleasantly! BOMBDOG makes a woof sound that might be a dog laugh! PHILLIP gets the BLOOD RAGE!" [Inflicts Blood Rage on Phillip]

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