Blood Ghoul


The Blood Ghoul is an enemy found in Blood Cavern that attacks Phillip and Leg Horse as they leave for Malice.

Main Story

As Phillip and Leg Horse exit for Malice, the Blood Ghoul will appear and recites the first four lines of a poem titled "The Fountain of Blood" by Charles Baudelaire. It will then say "Before I met you baby, I didn't know what I was missing,” ripped from "All Your Love" by Albert King before attacking Phillip.


In Battle


  • Rend
  • Murmur
  • Ghoulish Dance
  • Grab
  • Bloodsuck



  • "PHILLIP performed a provocative dance! BLOOD GHOUL became BERSERK!" [Inflicts Beserk on Blood Ghoul]
  • "BLOOD GHOUL lets out a creepy moan! PHILLIP becomes SPOOKED!" [Inflicts Spooked on Phillip]
  • "PHILLIP begged for mercy! BLOOD GHOUL suddenly died! For a second you contemplate the possibility of a divine presence at work here . . . Probably not." [Blood Ghoul Dies]
  • "PHILLIP dealt a BERSERKER BLOW! BLOOD GHOUL took damage!" [Removes 50HP from Blood Ghoul]
  • "PHILLIP made that creepy face from Stanley Kubrick movies! BLOOD GHOUL becomes SPOOKED! "[Inflicts Spooked on Blood Ghoul]
  • "PHILLIP does some chin-ups and becomes MUSCLED! BLOOD GHOUL lurks in the darkness!" [Inflicts Muscled on Phillip]
  • "PHILLIP finds an OLD VIDEOTAPE on the ground! BLOOD GHOUL just stares and stares." [Adds an Old Movie to Inventory]
  • "BLOOD GHOUL lashes out at PHILLIP! PHILLIP wishes he'd stayed at home!" [Removes 50HP from Phillip]
  • "PHILLIP threw a rock! BLOOD GHOUL got hit by a rock!" [Removes 34HP from Blood Ghoul]
  • "PHILLIP starts humming "Hey Ya!" Party regains 60 HP!" [Entire Party recovers 60HP]
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